Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time for a Burgman run up South Mountain!

Another great Az. day today, lots of sun and it got over 75 degrees F.

This morning I spent a couple hours gathering up some material that Bob and I need, as we have decided to made some changes to the motorhome, after I spoke with the Vice President of Gulf Stream.  We want to make the joint more secure, so we are going to add a piece of framing to our solution.   I will try to get some pictures when we do it, maybe tomorrow or Saturday… depends.

This afternoon, was haircut time, as I was ready for my Arizona special, and Judy wanted me to do a bit of trimming to Her hair after the Lady at the Hair Salon did not seem to go deep enough for Her.

After the hair had fallen, we jumped on the Burgman and made tracks up the Baseline Road into Phoenix, and climbed South Mountain.  It was a beautiful day to climb the mountain.

Judy had driven the Burgman up the Mountain as I played tourist…


This is a lookout building on top that people climb all over to get a good view.


The keen blogger, will remember, that we climbed South Mountain last year while we stayed in Yuma.  John and Pat M. came to visit and we travelled up to Phoenix to watch a hockey game with the Coyotes and the Red Wings.  Before the game we drove up this mountain and took a whack of pictures.  This is an overall view of Phoenix…


and here I laid out the big lens and added a bit of zoom…   Even though it was a nice clear day, you still see a big haze… that would be the air pollution hanging over Phoenix…  It sits in a valley surrounded by mountains and I guess not a lot of wind movement…


These are the Superstition Mountains in the distance, and at the base of these mountains somewhere is our RV at Apache Jct.


Check out my new Arizona Buzz cut!  Good thing I am way back in this picture, as to not to shock you all too much.  Kinda like all my hair is gone!  Just the way I wanted it!


We won’t even speak about the Toronto Maple Leaf, Edmonton Oiler hockey game that I am watching tonight… simply say, “Not Good”

Till tomorrow…


  1. poor you..being a leafs fan can be painful some days!!

  2. Being a leafs fan can be painful most days!! Great pictures again today even with that haze over Phoenix. Looked like a great day for a bike ride!