Sunday, December 5, 2010

Time for the BIG one… “Syphon Draw”

We had laid plans last night during the hockey game, to head out bright and early this morning on a big hike – Syphon’s Draw was our target in the Lost Dutchman State Park.

These mountains are all part of the Superstition Mountains, just east of Apache Junction.


Judy is checking out the trail sign which was a little worn out. 


Bob never did buy a walking stick, but he found this one for today.  Yup, it was a long way over to that there mountain!


this is an actual foundation of some old building, probably a miner’s shack, no gold though…


Simply a great day for a hike…


We had to walk over a mile before we got into the real fun part!


The peak you see on the right of the picture below, is called “Flatiron” and you could actually hike right to the very peak!   We did not make it… this is a major trail and is rated “difficult”.  The last part of the trail you are climbing hand over hand up a rock face to reach the peak…


there was some great rock formations on the hike and once again, the pictures do not do this area the justice it deserves…  I need a 3D camera!


It was starting to get a little tricky!


You would not be standing where Bob and I are in the picture below if it was raining!  I think this is where the trail’s name came from…


This was our picnic table for today’s lunch… a room with a view.   We had climbed about 1,350 feet up from the desert floor and we were starting to feel it!


Judy is standing on our lunch pad!


Good thing I married the “Sport Model”… Judy struggled a little without good hiking boots, but made it up for lunch.


This guy was providing our lunch time entertainment… good thing he didn’t fall…


We hiked in 3.1 miles from the trail head, and of course, 3.1 miles back out!  We only made it about half way up the trail, but totally enjoyed the trip! 

After we hiked back out, we decided to head over to Tortilla Flats for an ice cream cone.  Judy snapped a couple pictures of the money on the wall inside the restaurant… lots of money!


Yes, it was back to the Resort and the hot tub after this hike today! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. Your pics brought back nice memories for me. We hiked that same trail up Superstition Mountain just this past March & I recognized the interior at Tortilla Flats. We had a bite to eat there just around the corner on the right side of your pic.

  2. impressive is the only word that describes your hike!!

  3. Looks like a very nice area. You deserved the hot tub after that hike!