Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow banks at Desert Hot Springs???

We are still in Holiday mode, and did not take on too much today.

We both went exercising first thing, Judy in the Pool, me in the Gym they have here! 

The rest of the morning I spent working on the new TV installation.  I ran into technical problems with my initial plan for the wiring.  The new TV is High Def. so I have to move one of our High Def receivers to the back.  I had to install a new feed for this receiver from the front of the Motor Home to the back, and into the cabinet where it will a be housed.  Things are are more difficult when your are working on a motor home!   It seems to take 4 times as long to do anything.  There is less room to work and you need wee little hands to work!

This is a preliminary picture to give you an idea as to what I am up to.  We bought a 22 inch High Def TV from Walmart.  Rick & Paulette's RV Travels apparently just bought a new 22 inch set themselves to install in their new 5er.  For info purposes Rick, we paid $208.00 for the Emerson Brand, which of course is made in China!



I bought a new wall mount for the TV at Radio Shack today, so tomorrows job will be installation!


So while we were out and about today doing this and that… we found some snow banks!  So check out this picture, on both sides of the road is about a 3 foot snow bank…  errrrrr… sorry, that would be a 3 foot SAND bank!   They used a grader to clean the road off where it got washed out and presto… you have a sand bank.


As you can see, it is quite a size… this is on the Dilon Road as we drive out to our Resort.


It was another great day here today, so it makes you feel a little lazy…   tomorrow is always another day!

Till tomorrow…


  1. We were amazed at the sand banks! And we did find some snow up on highway 74 today. I will never complain about BC roads after that road. It was interesting. WE got a 19 inch from Costco in Victoria prior to leaving, and we should have purchased the 22. .....looks like it was still a fun day for you!

  2. Good deal on the TV. I got a 22" LG HD TV at Costco here in Victoria for $198. Now I guess I'll have to go and get a wall mount just to keep up with you!!

    Those sand banks are huge - I've never seen anything like that in our previous trips to Desert Hot Springs.

  3. We watched those sand banks being deposited during the floods and it was amazing how quickly they plowed it up. The graders looked just like big snow plows in action. Gotta love the Desert Hot Springs pools, right?