Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And heeeeeerrrrrreeeee… is “Jay”

Up and at it this morning and hit the road by 10:00 a.m.   Real easy, turn right on Hwy. 10 and stop at Los Angeles.  

There was a large plume of black smoke up ahead just as we got on Hwy. 10, and as we went by it we realized it was a motorhome on fire!  It was  a brand new 42 foot plus Diesel Pusher that was pulling a big enclosed trailer with a car inside.  By the time we went by it, it was totally destroyed… you would not believe it.  The whole roof was burned out, Police were all over the place, and the Fire Dept. had just arrived.  We were actually taken aback by it all, as it was very devastating.   Judy could not bring herself to take a picture of it as we passed.  Don’t believe anybody was hurt, as people were standing by the road watching… the fire started at the back of the motorhome in the engine compartment. 

As we leave Palm Springs area, you have to go by the wind mill farm…  actually, if you look left in the picture, you will see the start of the black cloud from the burning motorhome.


As you clear the last of the mountains heading into L.A. you get a view of the skyline and … some smog!

DSCN6605.There was a bunch of homes up in the hills in the next picture, and if you look under the bridge, to the right, you will see Los Angeles…



Excuse the broken record, but it was beautiful again today, good thing, as we had to line up outside the NBC Studio off of Bob Hope Drive for about 1 1/2 hours.   They process you through security, and of course I had my Swiss Army Knife on me that the Security Guard did not really like… I never learn!  He was nice about it, and offered to hide it behind the front door of the Studio for me to pick up on the way out… no guarantees! 


They give you instructions before you go into the Studio, like no cell phones, cameras etc.  They do not start filming until 4:00 p.m.   We were in the studio about 45 minutes early so they could warm us up, you have to be able to cheer all of Jay’s jokes!  Jay did come out early and greeted everyone and told us all what to expect!  It was good.


His first guest was Mark Wahlburg, Actor.


He has made a bunch of movies over the years…The Other Guys, The Italian Job, Three Kings, The Departed, Date Night, and Boogie Nights.  He was on promoting the release this Friday of his new Movie, “The Fighter”.  It looks real good.

The second guest, was Olivia Wilde, Actor.


  She is of Doctor fame, from the TV show “House”… Judy and I watch House quite often, and know her as “13”… that is what she is called on the show.  She was promoting her new movie, “Tron” which is a new 3D movie to be released again this Friday!

The musical guest tonight was “Good Charlotte”.  Now, I cannot say that I have heard of them, but they played their new hit song, “Like it’s her Birthday”.


It only took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the whole show!  It is great to watch all that goes into it.  There is a support crew of about 50 people that you do not see when watching the show.  There was about 300 people in the Studio to watch the show.

Judy and I left Los Angeles around 5:30, after I picked up my Swiss Army Knife that was still in the same spot the guard left it at for me!  We made it home after stopping for dinner at about 8:15, just in time to turn on The Tonight Show, at 8:35… which is 11:35 in Toronto where our TV comes from!  It was fun to watch the show through again.

Till tomorrow…


  1. I watched Johnny Carson for many years & then slipped right into Jay Leno which I still watch if I can stay awake. Because I had a long blog Monday I was still up when the show came on so saw parts of the show. I like the monologues but it's rare for me to ever make it through the whole show. For sure I would enjoy seeing the show live. I basically like live presentations of almost anything because I'm alway interested in how productions are put together like the set, lighting & sound, etc.

  2. Sounds like a fun time. Scary about the motorhome.

  3. That sounds like a fun trip..except for the poor people who lost their motorhome...
    I went to see Phil Donahue once, when he was still on in Chicago...lots of word goes into those shows...