Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kathy Griffin Day in Palm Desert…

Tonight Judy and I are heading into Palm Desert to the McCallum Theatre where Kathy Griffin will give a performance tonight, looking forward to it!

Today was another hot one in the desert… up to now we have had to figure out how to keep the RV warm in the evenings, with our furnace and electric heater.  Now it is the opposite as we try to keep the RV cool during the day so it does not heat up in the evening… what a change.  It was at least 30 degrees C. today. 

Back when we first bought the RV I ordered this sun shade you see in the picture below.  Up to now, we never used it as it is a bit of a pain to put on.  Now we are glad we have it as the RV is facing due south and the sun is on this window all day.  The shade makes a major difference inside.


They held a big arts and craft show in the Resort this morning, and lots of people showed up for it.   All I have to say is “Judy, there are no tools here”…


Now Bob H. from Apache Junction should have been here, as look at all the walking sticks for sale!  Only $10.00 Bob!


Now here is a major contrast in life styles… yesterday our Daughter Kristina and Her Husband, Chris, went skating in London, Ontario on an outdoor rink… love the Christmas Tree in the background… (looks to me like she is wearing hockey skates…)


Not to let my Daughter out do me, I went skating today in Desert Hot Springs!  I did not have a nice Christmas Tree as a background, but I did have some Palm Trees…


Judy followed me with Her bike, and found this roadrunner, who was in the process here of tracking down his supper… he got a little lizard.


I imagine the Ontario economy is booming today as everyone spends HST refunds… got some comments on last night blog.  Rick is mentioning the fact that B.C. is appealing the HST.  Looks like it might actually happen!  Ontario could never get that organized to do something like that Rick.  By the way, you better hurry and get down here, we seem to be spending a lot of the nice weather! I will try my best though to keep some for you!

We met a nice couple, Tom and Sharon, from Rochester today in our Resort.  They just arrived and have an RV very similar to ours, being built on the GM C5500 Mid sized Truck Frame.  We spent time this morning going over the machines and comparing!  Much more fun than working!

Till tomorrow…


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