Friday, December 10, 2010

A Day at Caliante…

Today was just a day to catch our breath, and get settled into like in Desert Hot Springs…

It turned out to be a beautiful day, and got a little warm, had to be 28 to 30 degrees C. today with lots of sun…

These first few pictures Judy snapped as we drove into the Resort yesterday in the RV.


This is the Front Office at the Resort… lots of palm trees…


Judy and I chose this corner lot, we call our “little piece of the Desert”!   It is quite large and offers privacy for us. 


Judy went for a walk and found a couple of blocks over, the Park Model that John and Pat Morrison have rented in the new year!  Nice spot!


There is a small golf course inside the resort.


The facilities are second to none!  Lots of mineral hot springs and pools…


Lots of pools, all at different temperatures…


We went down for a hot tub on the first night we arrived and ended up staying for over 2 hours talking to a bunch of people we met down there, Americans and Canadians…


Here is the mysteries of the hot tubs…


There are quite a few park model units that people live in for the winter, and some have added garages and everything else you can imagine…  here is what happens when you have too much money… you buy the Hummer, and then replicate it as a golf cart…  he also had a new Corvette inside the garage…


Now to switch from 2nd gear to 3rd… this evening we drove into Palm Springs, where they hold a Street Fair on the Main Street, (Palm Canyon Drive) every Thursday night… very cool with lots going on… this first pic is a group of kids that played music and had singers, and they were simply “excellent!”…


Lots of street venders, high quality stuff… and lots of people walking around… it was about 23 degrees C. or so tonight and quite nice…


One of the many art dealers present.


They had lots of Hollywood Stars on the sidewalks, and we found this one of Kathy Griffin.  It was kind of funny, as we bought tickets to see Her  in Palm Springs this weekend!


Palm Springs is a very unique spot, with lots of restaurants and shops for the rich and famous! 


That kind of wrapped up today… get to do it all again tomorrow!  

Had a good talk with our friend David up in Bracebridge today, who is recovering from recent surgery on his shoulder.  Glad to see he is in recovery and starting to feel better.

Till tomorrow…



  1. Wow. Your new location at Desert Hot Springs is certainly beautiful. Enjoy your time there.

  2. We are also on our way to Desert Hot SPrings next week - thanks for the info on the Thursday night Palm Springs happenings! I have a cousin David in Bracebridge...hmmmm...

  3. Those pools are absolutely gorgeous - should be a lot of fun. Have never been in that area so I am enjoying your photos. Have fun this winter!