Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thousand Palm Canyon.

This morning I was out and about working on the continuing job of cleaning up the RV.  I finished one side today, so only have one side left.  The front and back are done!   After the cleaning is all done, it will be due for a regular wax job!  Oh boy, I feel the pain…

This afternoon we were in Cathedral City looking for an RV dealer which we couldn’t find, as I want some new wheel covers to protect our tires against a totally relentless sun!   We came home through Thousand Palm Canyon, which we found last year when we first came to this area. 

This year we found a nice clump of Palm Trees had burned down in a forest fire since last year… too bad…

You can see the burned out tree stumps still standing in the distance…


This is what they used to look like… I am sure it takes years for them to grow like this, and not very long to burn down…


The dead branches help to protect the trunk from the sun which seems to shine all the time here.


Inside the palm trees here, it gets quite cool in the shade.


I think I posted a picture of this sign last year, but here it is again, just to remind you that we are standing on the famous San Andreas Fault here at Desert Hot Springs!   I hope if the big one hits , we are on the east side of the crack!


We put skype to use today as I had a nice three way with David in Bracebridge, and Nelson in Midland this morning.  They both will be heading to Lake Havasu City to visit us in Feb./March of next year. 

This evening we had a nice skype call with Emmie in Tennessee.  She happened to have her Mom and Dad with her!   They are having cooler weather in Tennessee right now, and a wee bit of snow.  They will soon head up to Canada for Christmas.

Watched with interest the bad weather in south western Ontario today.  Apparently they had to get the Army involved with helicopters to rescue stranded motorist on Highway 402. 

This must be Hollywood week, as tomorrow Judy and I are heading back into Los Angeles, as we are hoping to attend a taping of the show “America’s Funniest Videos”.  Might be a little bit late making it home tomorrow…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Reading your blog about RV cleaning is starting to give me a complex about my lack of enthusiasm in this area.

    I do like the pictures of the Palm tress.

  2. What a terrible sight to see all those beautiful old Palm trees burned. Thousand Palms is one of my favourite spots in that area.

  3. Hope you get to see America's Funniest Videos - blog friends www.travelwithwhippets recently posted their experience at the show.