Saturday, December 18, 2010

“It never rains in California”… OK, it did today…

Lots of clouds this morning as our temperatures were down into the high 60’s… and yes, it rained… yuck… oh well, has be better than snow! 

We thought that we would make a run over to Colton, California, today and exchange the wheel covers that we bought and were the wrong size.  After we accomplished that, I thought we would drive north up to Big Bear Lake.  This is where John and Pat M. are going to spend a week on skies in January.  We started out the road up to Big Bear, and came across a sign, indicating you had to have tire chains with you, NO EXCEPTIONS!  It was raining and a light fog, so we decided not to make the climb up to Big Bear.  It will be another day, once we figure out if we do need chains or not. 

I would normally have a picture RIGHT HERE for you all to look at, but Windows Live Writer will not co-operate tonight, and will not load the pictures… not sure why, it tells me it is “Forbidden”.   Sure don’t want to do that!


We headed back to Desert Hot Springs on the Interstate 10 and saw the signs for Idylwilde.  We thought we would try it instead.   We had a nice drive up the mountain to about the 4,000 foot level and then it started to get too foggy.  Apparently Idylwilde is at the 8,000 foot level so we will leave the final climb to another day also!

This shows our partial climb up to Idylwilde.


The while speck in the centre of this picture is a 20 storey Hotel and Casino Complex, down on the desert floor.  On a clear day you would be able to see for miles!


We ended the afternoon wasting our time away down at the mineral hot springs… times are tuff!

Two new sets of followers on the blog tonight!  Welcome to Bob and Vicky and also to Karen! 

Sorry about the technical difficulties tonight, will try again tomorrow!

Till tomorrow…


  1. hey may need to upgrade your storage capacity on Picasa?..same thing happened to me..and that fixed the problem!..paid the $5 and it was a miracle!!

  2. Loved the photos....I think. Sue is probably right, you might need to pay your $5.

  3. Idylwilde is a great drive, but you're smart to save it for a nice, warm, clear day where you can see the whole desert floor from the viewpoints. It doesn't rain often in the desert, but it does on occasion for sure.

    Like the others have already said, you might want to check Picasa Web Albums and check your storage limit before anything else.