Saturday, December 25, 2010

It snowed in California on Christmas Day!!!!

I know that headline will catch your eye, so I better prove it to you!

Yes, OK, so the snow was like at the 5,000 foot level, or maybe a little higher, but it is snow.  Al from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH)) was lamenting in his blog today how he missed snow at Christmas Time!  We just looked at the mountains and got our fix of snow for Christmas!


Just a bit of snow up on Mount Jacinto, which is the closest mountain to us!  


This is a normal ditch along side Palm Drive which heads into Palm Springs… you can see what the water did to it… lots of erosion!


Not sure of the name of this road, but it is closed and will be for quite a while, as you can see the water undermined the pavement!  


This is a shot of an Optometrist Office in Downtown Desert Hot Springs, and you can see they had to break out the sandbags!


This building is beside the Optometrist.


Judy and I spent a nice quite Christmas Day.  It was nice and sunny here today, and warm.  Judy got Patra a little catnip mouse for a present, and here she is giving it a demo!


At 9:30 this morning we headed down to the main hall and enjoyed a pot luck brunch with about 100 other residents of the park… yummy!


We had a great skype computer call with our Daughter Kristina and her Husband Chris, all the way from Germany today!  They are having a ball over the Holidays!

We had a Skype call with Shawn and Jenn, Emmie and of course Paige from Orillia!  They were visiting Mom and then all went out for Christmas Dinner!  Good to see them all!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Just gotta love that free Skype stuff for sure. We use it as well & Kelly uses it for doing all of Deer Park Lodge's summer reservations back home. I'm not a phone person at all but I did get on Skype for the very first time yesterday & was surprised to hear the person on the other end right inside of my head instead of just in one ear. Kinda weird & gives new meaning to somebody 'getting inside your head!!'

  2. Now that's the kind of White Christmas I would enjoy - miles away at 5,000 ft. high. The road damage from all that water is incredible. Glad you had a nice Christmas Day.

  3. Yes, the snow level was about 5,000'. If you look due west (at San Gorgonio Peak), we live in a little canyon to the south of it in a town called Forest Falls. Our house is at 6,000', about 1/2 mile from the trailhead up into the San Gorgonio Wilderness. We just learned today from the weather station here that we got 30.75" of rain during the past 7 days (including the 5 inches of snow we got for Christmas). THIRTY. Amazing. Luckily the damage was limited to the roads, and not our houses. Anyway, enjoy the warmth of Desert Hot Springs!