Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mission Accomplished…

The weather was terrific here today… lots of sun, the way I like it…

This morning while Judy was down doing the swim exercises, I started work on the driver’s side of the RV, doing a complete clean up after the big storm last week.  After 4 days of rain, you get the dreaded “Black Streaks” that form down the sides of the RV on the fiberglass.  All cleaned up, and had time to do the Jeep and Burgman!  It is easier doing this type of work when it is real nice out!

After the big clean up it was time to tackle the job of installing the new TV in the bedroom.

It took me a while, but I managed to get proper mounting for the mounting hardware for the TV.  It is always hard to get anything to mount to an outside wall of an RV.  You are afraid of putting a hole right through the wall! 

It is hard to get pictures of the the project, and I always forget to take pictures during the project, so here are a few finished product pics…


I got it finished in time to watch the Jr. Team Canada beat the Chez today in hockey!  The 22 inch set has a real nice HD picture!


Received a Skype Call this afternoon, from Tom and Cheryl.  They spent last week in Mexico, and flew back to Richmond Hill.  Tomorrow they jump on another plane and fly into Phoenix.  They will stay there on Wednesday night, pick up a rent a car, and then head to Desert Hot Springs on Thursday Morning for a visit!  Will be good to see them!

Till tomorrow…


  1. congrats on the installation!..and yes, you are correct putting holes in anything in an RV is a 'hard pill to swallow'..you just never know!..good job though!!

  2. The TV looks great, good job. We will still get together at some point.. now we are awaiting colds to be finished!

  3. You are a brave man for mounting your TV to the outside wall. I don't think I'd be trying that one on our new 5'er just yet. I do have a spot for a side mount though so I just might give that a go!