Monday, December 20, 2010

I had to “Phone” in sick today!

Not feeling good again today, this cold thing is a real bummer… as soon as I woke up this morning, I knew right away I was going to phone in sick!

On top of not feeling well, it is RAINING here again!  Last night it rained quite a bit.  While I was reading the Toronto Star this morning, they had a whole piece on how Los Angeles was having mud slides and flooding!  Still more to come apparently!

Talking of the Toronto Star, there was a great article this morning that reminded me of Rick out in B.C.  He is very into high tech, so here are the top trends for 2011 according to the Toronto Star!

#1.  Tablet Computers.  Our Son Shawn got an Apple IPAD this year, and it is real neat to play with.  In 2011 all the other Companies will bring out a similar product to flood this market!  I believe they will replace our laptops eventually!

#2.  3D TV.  While visiting our Daughter Kristina this past fall in Woodstock before we left for the south, we were shopping at Sears in London, Ont. and I got to sample a new Sony 3D TV.  It was an excellent picture.  CBC even broadcast hockey in 3D now on special occasions, but you need a 3D TV.  I am not sure if the future of TV is here or not!

#3.  Pico Projectors.  Who hasn’t sat through boring Power Point Presentations at work, I had my share!  These projectors are now very very small, and will end up inside your Cell Phone!  Again, I am not sure of this one!

#4. Augmented Reality.  Hmmm.  Imagine if you are walking by the CN Tower in Toronto, and you hold up your IPAD to record the scene, and all of a sudden on your screen is all the info you need about the CN Tower, including how to buy tickets!  Now I sure see the future of this one.  It will work on your cell phone too I believe.

#5.  Mobile Shopping.  Imagine doing all you shopping for Christmas and never leaving your home.  It all gets delivered to your doorstep.  Our Daughter-in-Law, Jennifer did this in  Tennessee this year!  Our high powered cell phone and computers will drive more and more of our shopping needs.  People use them now while in the malls to determine who has the best price!  Retailers will have to keep a sharp pencil… This is the way of the future folks-get on the train now, or you will be left at the station!

#6.  Solid State Drives (SSD).  No more spinning hard drives that are prone to crash.  New solid state drives with no moving parts will replace them.  Less power, less heat!  My laptop feels like it is burning up sometimes!  (Bigger, better, faster)

#7.  The Green Agenda.  Look at all the different things you cell phone can do… text, call, gps, music, etc.  All of this info will end up coming together and make us all Greener!  For example, a GPS enabled Smart Phone, will use knowledge about the environment, including weather and traffic, to provide you the most efficient route to your destination.  About time as far as I am concerned!

This article was written by Carmi Levy, and i think hits the nail on the head!  Where would we be without our technology! 

Again, see what happens to my blog when I have too much time on my hands!

Till tomorrow…

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