Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today was simply a “washout”…

It rained here all last night, big time… never stopped! 

I am finally starting to feel like a human being again, as I start to shake this cold off… good thing!

Just after lunch today, it had stopped raining so we thought why not drive into Palm Springs and check out the Tourist Info Centre, to get ideas for future adventures! 

As we left our Resort and pulled onto the Dillon Road heading into Desert Hot Springs, we came across some neat looking clouds…


It was a little ominous looking…


After we drove about 1 mile or so up the Dillon Road, and passed by The Sands RV Resort, we knew there was some major problems!


It was over two feet deep, and flowing from the right side of the picture to the left…


And just ahead at Palm Drive, there was water all over the place…


We never made it into Palm Springs, only down as far as Highway 10.  All the roads were closed that we tried, so we decided to simply head home and wait for it all to dry up.


Our Jeep handled the water OK, but some of the cars were getting a little damp!


This Resort had a bit of a problem going on…


Judy took this picture of the Valero Gas Station which was just flooded out…


We made it back to our Resort, and jumped into the hot tubs!  Why not.  We were speaking to some people who drove up into Desert Hot Springs, and they reported a bunch of houses were flooded right out.  They are built on grade with no basement, so the water just flows through when this happens, and I take it this does not happen all that much here.   There has been a drought for the past 2 years. 

Apparently the SUN is supposed to come out tomorrow!   That would be nice!

And here is a big wet Palm Springs welcome to our latest blog follower, “The Old Geezer”…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Thanks for posting even when you have a bad cold. I had seen the news and was glad I was up here in Anchorage where we just had our first neg 14 degree day this winter.

  2. Just been watching the news about all the weather related damage over your way in California. Looks like the monster storm is moving out & you guys might finally be in for some welcome sunshine shortly.

  3. great photos today!..the weather in California and Arizona was big news on our local news last night..a house taken out by a raging river..floating away just like a ship!..stay safe and drive..we can only hope the weather will improve soon and you all will have blue skies again soon!!

  4. Thanks for posting all those interesting pictures. I recognized most of those spots but I've never, ever seen that much water on the roads! Sure hope it gets better in the next few weeks!

  5. Wow- and to think I was whining about a little cold air.