Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Leaf’s Win… The Leaf’s Win!!!!!!!!

OK, so I got a little excited tonight as the Leaf’s beat Boston in Toronto!   Yes!

Had a great and very busy day today in Az.  Bob came over at 8:30 this morning to help me out with the changes I wanted to make to the fix on our Motorhome.  All went very well, and we had it all back together again by 12:00 noon.

If you look on the seam above where I am currently drilling, you will see the wood that Bob and I installed in this seam between the Cab and the RV.  The wood frame made it much more solid and I am real happy with this repair.  We did not get an end result picture, but all is back together and set to go!


During all the activity of the repair work, Patra held the bed down and just plain looked P…O…


It was a nice warm day today, and after lunch we decided to take off on the motorcycles and go on a tour.   A nearby mountain has a big Phoenix sign done in stone, which points you in the right direction.


Bob took us on a great tour of the desert!


We came across this campground, (State) where you could stay for 14 days in the middle of the desert…


Bob is playing “Mr. Cool…”


We came across Saguaro Lake… why not name a lake after a cactus!


We came across an Indian Reservation that had a real nice park and a bit of a fountain…


The fountain shoots off on the hour, and can shoot up water over 300 feet in the air!  You can see it for miles!


Very cool fountain…


We left the fountain, and found a coffee shop to stop for a break… they had this horse in the parking lot… no cowboy though…


Everybody that came to the mall wanted to check out the horse…


There was even the kitchen sink in it…


This mall was a real neat spot, and it had a U. S. Postal outlet in it.  I found this 1979 Jeep that this guy was using to deliver the mail in the desert.  It is right hand drive and only has a drivers seat.  It is automatic, and is NOT 4 wheel drive, only 2. 


Yes, it is a classic Jeep!


After our ride, of course we made it back to the Resort and found the hot tub!   Just an nice end to a great day… well, no, not quite the end… the Leafs put a cap on the night for me!

And here is a great big RVLIFEONWHEELS welcome to TAZ, our newest blog follower…

Till tomorrow…


  1. It is a cat's life that is for sure!!..looks like she has a rough life!
    The horse is a different form of artwork..thanks for sharing..ok I will say it..go leafs go!!

  2. Nice job on the MH repair, it looks to be pretty solid!

    That's quite the fountain alright in that lake.

    As for the horse...... well!!

  3. That horse is amazing. Enjoyed all the photos today.