Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A visit to the “Cave Dwellers…”

This will be our last full day in the Apache Junction area, as we leave tomorrow for Desert Hot Springs, which is in California. (4 1/2 hour drive) 

This morning we did a bunch of jobs overdue around the RV, and cleaned our calendar in order to go on a motorcycle ride with Bob.  We wanted to head back over to Roosevelt Lake area, and visit the Cave Dwellers…

It is about an 1 1/2 hour drive through a great mountain pass which we really enjoyed.  We stopped in Miami for Lunch and carried on over to Lake Roosevelt.

This is the welcome centre and interpretative centre.  You have to walk up a 1/2 mile path to get to the cave dwellings…


You can see a cave on the right hand side of this mountain… we did not go up to visit this one…


There were lots of saguaro cactus on the way up… that is Lake Roosevelt behind Bob…


As usual, the higher you get, the better the view… funny how that works…


I messed up with my Olympus Camera and my setting got messed without me knowing it, so a lot of my pictures from today are no good.  Sad smile

There was about 12 rooms in this cave dwelling.  This dwelling is a little over 700 years old!  It is now a U.S. National Monument and protected by the Federal Government.  The people who built them were the Salado’s… They also made very famous pottery in this area that is now worth a bundle!  They called the dwellings Pueblo’s. 


These are original walls built many many moons ago!


They used a mortar to hold the stones together, and you can still see fingerprints in the mortar.


There are only two of these dwellings left now, from a couple hundred original ones!   It is interesting and worth going to see…

On the way home we came across this unusual rock cut… as you can tell from all the traffic it was rush hour…


As usual, we made it back in time for the hot tub, and then we took in the fire pit.   This is a great fire pit and keeps you nice and warm during the chin wag…


All in all, just another great day in Az. 

Lots of rumours about all kinds of snow falling up north in Ontario… if anyone has any pictures, please email them to me… I don’t want to forget what snow looks like!   I hear the London, Ontario area is really hard hit and our Daughter lives very close to London in Woodstock!  Have not been able to talk to her yet, but hopefully soon!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Yes, we Ontarions can be mighty glad we are where we are right now.

  2. you title made me think you had met up with Dennis and Donna..that is the title to their blog!..not to be..but nice post..thanks for the tour..