Saturday, December 4, 2010

Market Day in Mesa…

Down in Arizona and California, we have come across a number of weekly type markets that sell everything on the earth from A to Z… today was no different. 

Bob had come across the Market up in Mesa so we all decided to go this afternoon and check it out. 

This morning I installed a new Max Air Vent over our Fantastic Fan in the kitchen area of the RV.  It is like putting an umbrella over your head.  We have had some minor leaking problems with our vent, and could not seem to get it sealed properly, so now the problem is solved!  There is always something to fix or do something with in an RV!

This market is one of the bigger ones, 3 very long rows of booths… lots of people!


Bob is checking out the walking sticks… I think he really wants one, but didn’t end up buying one today…



Although he did buy Judy and I a nice cold refreshment… yum, thanks Bob!


After the market the 3 of us hit the hot tub at the resort to rest some weary bones, and we all decided we should go out for dinner at a Mexican Restaurant Bob had come across over near our local Fry’s Grocery Store…  augh… more liquid refreshments!


We sat outside, and the shiny metal pole beside us had one of those nice fancy propane heaters on the top so you could enjoy your dinner, even if it cooled a bit outside…


Now this picture is a little weird… Kristina, our Daughter, bought her Mom a gift just before we left a month ago for the south west, and it was a device that will hold your purse so you do not have to put it on the ground.  Judy bought this fancy new purse today at the market, and it is hanging on the “purse hanger” of course!


While at the market, we decided to purchase a new set of Alpen Binoculars.  Here is Judy checking out the Christmas decorations around our park tonight with them.  The real cool thing about these binoculars is that they are Auto-Focus!  No more focus wheels… That is right, you just pick them up and look through them and every thing is automatically in focus… they work great!   Judy could never really us manual focus ones, as her eyes couldn’t see right with glasses on etc…   not with these one… they work great for her! 

They are very high quality.  I did not even know they made this type of binocular now… guess I live in a bit of a cave.  Bob found them one day at the Market and told us about them.   Guess he is due a commission…


Tomorrow Bob and I are going back to work to improve the job we already completed on the RV.  We picked up a couple tools we needed today and will start early in the morning…  pics to come.

Congratulations to Al of the “Bayfield Bunch”.  He wrote His 1,000th. blog tonight!   I have been following his blog for over 2 years now and certainly have learned a lot from Al over this time, plus enjoyed reading about His and Kelly’s travels. 

Till tomorrow…


  1. Great pictures and we love the markets! Looks like you are enjoying your time in Arizona.