Monday, October 17, 2011

The “Big Wheels” were rolling today…

Finally we got the sun back today!SunWe were starting to wonder if it would ever re-appear again!  Even though we had the sun, today was a matter of putting up with the wind…

It was blowing hard all day, and actually dried the ground up a bit around the Park.

Yes, the Big Wheels were rolling today, we had to take the RV into Town to fill up our propane tanks, seems every time we turn on the furnace, the propane level goes down… go figure…  It is nice to exercise our Duramax Diesel Engine anyways, just to keep it ready to go in less than 14 days!

This afternoon Judy caught the cleaning bug, and she laid a  licking on the RV interior… it looks great!

I had a sad duty to preform… I hate doing this… it was time to put my Honda 750 to bed for the winter.  Storm cloudThe tears were flowing, as I spent the afternoon cleaning the bike up, changing the oil, taking the battery out… and all the little things I do to get it ready for a 6 month sleep.

The picture below show the nice floor jack I have, that will lift the 650 lb. motorcycle about 18 inches into the air… this is real handy when you want to change the oil, as the drain plug is underneath the engine of course!


This winter the Honda will stay inside our enclosed motorcycle trailer.  It will remain nice and dry, out of the weather, and will be ready for next spring to hit the road again.

Judy’s motorcycle, the Suzuki Burgman, will once again come with us down to the south west, along with our Jeep.

Imangine this… I read today, that every minute of the day, there is 24 hours worth of video uploaded to youtube… yikes…

Till tomorrow…


  1. better break out the kleenex to wipe away the lack of motorcycle tears!..the countdown is on!!!

  2. Hey - didn't you see the video of yourself on Youtube changing the oil in your bike???

  3. The upside to washing and maintaining the Honda is the southbound roll out you will soon undertake. The preparations seem well underway.