Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We had to know it was coming…

The weatherman was right for once, as by lunch time today, the rain started… it is been raining here all afternoon and looks like it will continue into the evening and the next few days here.

In keeping with a rainy day, I simply did not do a whole bunch.  Judy was in playing and caring for Gwenny, while Kristina did some of her work… she does transcription work for some Professors at McMaster University in Hamilton, and is able to do it from home on her computer with some special equipment attached to it.  As an example, she will get a taped conversation between a Dr. and the Patient, and she will transcribe the conversation into a computer file.  She does all kinds of different transcriptions.

I did a few things RV today, including exercising our Cummings Diesel Generator.  I like to run it for a least one hour a month just to keep it in shape.  It will get used more soon, as we will be hitting the road soon for our Winter travels.

Hopefully the get the Texas Ranger/Detroit Tiger game in tonight being played in Detroit, but don’t hold your breath… lots of rain out there…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Still beautiful down here in southern Utah. Amazing how only 300 miles away in Phoenix it is still in the 90's. And you guys have rain. Stay dry and don't grow any web feet.

  2. Sounds like you had a great day!! Rick also started up the MH and ran the generator for awhile...(I think he just likes to sit in the driveway and listen to that diesel engine purr)...:)

  3. Our weather in Arizona has been nuts. We did have some rain, went through a quick cold snap, today it was so hot I sweat through shorts and a tank top, and less than an hour from our town is supposed to get snow again in a few days.

  4. It was a great baseball game last night - even with the long rain delay. Sounds like you are just about ready to get rolling!