Saturday, October 22, 2011

The fun with cell phones….

The other day, Bill left some comments on the blog about problems he has had with Bell Canada Cell Phone Plans… When I read the comments, I probably read too fast, (as usual…) and misunderstood what he was saying.   He did have a U.S. Cell phone data plan, and ran into troubles going over the limit, in a very short time.  Certainly the new cell phones have a mind of their own, and can download information without you even knowing about it!   For example, I have a weather network App. on my phone, and it updates regularly and sends me weather warnings for the area I am in.  Will have to make sure this app is turned off when we enter the States until we get the hang of how our plan is going to work.  The data plan I received from Bell, is the very same download allowance I have been using for the past 6 months, so we will have to monitor it close… do not need any surprises.  I appreciate all your comments Bill on your experience with Bell.  Certainly I do not place all my trust in the phone agents, as every time to seem to talk to one, you get different answers.  Time will tell on this one, with a whole lot of caution thrown in!

Another dull day here in Woodstock, and we are just taking life easy this morning… we are heading up to Kitchener this afternoon, to enjoy dinner with a bunch of friends who we meet each August long weekend at the cottage up in Sauble Beach.  This will be a nice chance to see them all prior to our departure, which if I need to remind you, is scheduled for Nov. 1st.  

We will be staying tonight in Kitchener, so hence the reason for this real early blog post this afternoon… well, actually, this morning!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Good idea to check your usage online - frequently! It's scary how fast those charges can add up using roaming etc.

    I've decided to just put my iPhone in Airplane Mode to disable everything except free WiFi. Even so, I'll be checking the Telus site daily just to make sure.

  2. glad you figured out the cell phone issue!..hope it all works out for you!