Friday, October 14, 2011

Have you ever heard of E Babysitting???

Simply another washout today… cool weather and lots of rain does not make for much of a day outside…

Judy was doing our grocery shopping a couple weeks ago at the local “Sobey’s” Grocery store, and she picked up a real nice turkey… well, as we are “Sobey Club Members” holding one of their discount cards… they gave us the turkey for FREE!

So today Judy headed into see Gwenny, turkey in hand, and her and Kristina cooked us up a real nice Thanksmas Dinner… That would be Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner!  Worked out well!


Last night we got together to celebrate Father’s Day when Chris and Kristina gave me a gift certificate for some bowling, so off we went…


Chris was in fine form below…


Kristina beat us all in the 2nd game…


The computers up top on the ceiling do all the work for you as far as keeping score is concerned… bowling is a lot of fun.


So if you were wondering, here is how I E Babysit… while Kristina and Judy were preparing dinner, someone had to watch Gwenny… I had to get my afternoon fill of Dr. Phil, and Gwenny needed her afternoon sleep up on the second floor of the home, so I employed technology to my benefit… a nice video monitor made by “Summer”.  It has full sound, and full colour, and is completely portable and good for about 300 feet of distance… there you go!  E Babysitting!  Just don’t hurt your back when you get out of the easy chair!


There was a line up of about 400 people downtown Toronto, OVERNIGHT at the Apple Store, just to get the new Iphone 4S… The first guy in line waited 27 hours to get it!   How desperate!   One guy flew into Toronto from Brazil just to get the Iphone… “What recession?”…

Tomorrow we are heading into Toronto to the Congress Centre to take in the annual fall RV Show with Tom and Cheryl… will have to kick a few tires!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Sounds like a pretty good day to me...turkey, babysitting, bowling...that's a full day.

    Flew in from Brazil for an iPhone??? That's just NUTS!!

  2. Haven't bowled in years but my Dad owned the bowling alley in our small town when I was young. That was when leagues were big time because bowling was about all there was to do. And people are just stupid. Flew in from Brazil. Give me a break.

  3. I find it so interesting that it's father's day out there. I'm curious to see what all holidays we run into on our way up to Alaska!

  4. great day filled with a ton of stuff!!!..have fun at the RV to kick a few a tires!!!

  5. E babysitting yup I do it all the time "Elaine Babysitting" often with an R for Rick thown in lol...good idea you had there...flew in for a phone? That guy has more $$ than brains I think...looks like the bowling was a blast...we are heading to toronto next week...

  6. That remote TV is one neat little gadget!

    Good to see you're getting in some extra holiday meals!