Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Now that is more like it!

What a difference a day can make!  Lots of sun, and temperatures back in the mid to lower 20’s, just the way I like it! 

This morning I headed into town and cleaned up the Jeep after 5 days of rain, at the car wash.  Stopped by Kristina’s and picked up a couple tools I needed to drain and clean out the hot water tank on the RV.  You need a 1  1/16th inch socket which is a real big one, and you need a 1/2 inch drive on the socket to make it all work.  Lots of calcium build up in our hot water tank, but all nice and cleaned out, with the anode rod being good to go for another year.

This afternoon, we headed out and did the Standard Tube Trail in Woodstock, as it was too nice to stay inside…

Yes, fall is sure upon us as evidenced by the leaves on the trail…


This tree was in full colour…


Check out this guy below I found along the trial…


Some nice fields as you walk the upper trail…


Then you hit the river portion of the trail… water was moving fast as all the rain has to go somewhere!


It is a nice 45 minute walk, however I caught Judy sitting down on the job…


These are New England Aster’s, and they seem to be doing very well in our cooler damp climate right now.


All the pictures today are taken with my LG Smart Phone, and no, I will not be upgrading to the fancy new IPhone 4S which was announced today, but not to very many great reviews it seems, as the media all seemed to want more!!!!  Why do we always have to have, bigger, faster, higher, all the time!   Can we not keep the same phone for more than a month???  Oh boy…

Till tomorrow…



  1. The phone takes good pictures. Definitely don't need to move up to a different one. Glad your weather improved for you.

  2. Nice photos of the fall color along the trail.

    Bigger, better, faster??? Don't know why!! But then I still use a phone that just makes phone calls!!

  3. Shame on Judy for sitting down on the job!!.. :)