Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Sunday visit…

Wet again today in Ontario, it has been a week now of rain, and we are getting a little soggy here!  Some sun would be nice.

Judy and I spent the morning in at Church, it was packed, so I guess everyone got out on a rainy day!

After lunch I called our good friends Gerard and Deb, who just live 45 minutes north of us.  We decided to take the short drive up and visit them for the afternoon.  We had a great visit, sorry, no pictures… and enjoyed a Pizza Hut Dinner this evening before making our way back to Woodstock. 

That is about it for today…

Till tomorrow…



  1. a rainy Sunday spent with friends eating pizza..sounds good to me!!

  2. With all that rain, the sunshine of the desert is going to seem all the better pretty soon.