Saturday, October 15, 2011

RV Show at the Toronto Congress Centre…

Weather today was terrible here… wet and very high wind alert for the whole day.  We had planned to meet Tom and Cheryl at the Congress Centre, and when we pulled in at 10:00 this morning, we pulled in right behind them.  Perfect timing…

We spent the whole day at the show, which was not bad… lots of 5th Wheels, lots of trailers, and not so many motorhomes, but Tom and Cheryl were more interested in 5th wheels anyway, so all was good.  a great selection of all the Manufacturers. 

Did not take any pictures today, so you will just have to sit back and envision how nice all those units are!  

Tom and Cheryl treated us to a real nice dinner at “The Chop House Restaurant”, which is located just up the road from the Congress Centre, right on the airport strip at Pearson.  Thanks again  for dinner Guys!  Appreciate it!  We are hoping to see Tom and Cheryl in Desert Hot Springs again this winter, so here is a bit more pressure on you!

Just sitting back tonight enjoying Toronto and Calgary hit the puck back and forth!

Till tomorrow…


  1. glad you enjoyed the RV show and left your wallet and cheque book in your pocket!!

  2. Now that we have the 5'er of our dreams, I especially like going to RV shows just to kick tires. All the pressure to 'buy' is gone!

  3. I thought about staying long enough in the 'east' to go to the show, but alas, the cold weather is too soon upon us! Glad to see you enjoyed the show and were not tempted by anything! See you soon!