Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Record temperatures hit Ontario…

Sounding like a broken record here, but simply another fantastic day weather wise here in Ontario.   It was over 25 deg. C. here which is 8 degrees or more over the seasonal average!

Judy took this first picture of “raining leaves” at our park this afternoon, after a few clouds moved in…


When all those leaves fall… just means someone has to pick they up… I got my afternoon workout doing the raking today…  I remember when we owned all our different houses how I hated this job… even went out and bought lawn tractors to do it for me… and now I have gone full circle and rake in hand again!  Go figure…


Good thing our lot is not real big…


While enjoying our coffee this morning, I opened up a nice solar panel that Shawn and Jenn picked up for us as a gift!  Very portable and very easy to use…  looking forward to doing some desert camping this winter and checking it out! 

This first picture is the back of the unit…


This picture below is the working side, or the front. This unit is expandable with other panels. Also has lots of options as to what you can plug it into to recharge.  Thanks again Shawn and Jenn!


It would have been a crime not to get out walking today, so Judy and I did a 1 hour walk over at the Pittock Trails… I caught this crane with my smart phone…


The Pittock Dam is quite an imposing site as you walk the trail, very little water was finding its way past the dam today… Lake Pittock sits atop this dam…


Forgot to include a picture of Gwenny meeting Great Grandmother “Gwendoln” in Orillia on Sunday… we made it over for a visit before we headed back to Woodstock.  No, Mom does not have a two way radio strapped to her neck, that is Her 911 emergency button, as she lives alone in her apartment.  One easy push of the button and you are talking directly to the 911 Operator.  Mom also has a bit of a habit of falling, so this is peace of mind.


We were reminiscing a bit while in Orillia, and Mom was going a few items, and found my Dad’s World War II Medals… My Dad fought in Italy, France, and Germany, and each of the Stars on the left represent each Country.  Not sure at this point the meaning of the 3 on the right, but will research it.  He sent them out when he was living, and had a special coating placed on them to preserve them.  They are in very good condition.


Well, we are about to pay for all the good weather we have been having, as into everyone’s life a little rain must fall, for the next 3 or 4 days by the looks of it… but temperatures remain high.

Till tomorrow…


  1. Love the pic of Great Gwendoln with Gwenny. That's really special.

  2. ah yes raking leaves is all part of the autumn season!..nice medals..all shiny!!

  3. Wonderful picture of Gwenny with her great grandmother - that's a real keeper!

    With weather like that, who needs Desert Hot Springs?