Saturday, October 1, 2011

It seems like a long time…

It seems so long since I blogged, but it has only been two days… hate to miss blogging any day, however sometimes, it happens!

Missed last Thursday, as we were up in Gravenhurst to visit Dr. Robinson, our Dentist, getting our final tune ups prior to blast off this year.  Ran into a couple of my old friends, Gary, Len, Curtis… and a couple others.  What is great about Gravenhurst, is all I have to do is stand on the sidewalk of the Main Street for 10 minutes, and you just start running into people! Love it!

Here is the Main Street in Gravenhurst… they have it all dug up and in the process of re-building.  It is going to be nice when all finished.


Was up by the old Branch of the Royal Bank that I managed… felt like going into work… well, for about 5 seconds, and then came to my senses!


We stopped in on the Morrisons in Alliston on our way home, and had a great dinner out with them, to help them celebrate their Anniversary, 37 if I remember correctly!  Drove back to Woodstock after that, and did not get home till 10:30… hence, no blog.

On Friday, Kristina received Gwenny’s passport in the mail, and was all excited… this turned out to be the award winning passport photo… I don’t know, she looks pretty serious!

Friday afternoon was spent over at Lubricare in Woodstock, getting oil change on the Jeep, plus having them change the filters and transmission fluid on the transmission… all set to travel!


On Friday night we accompanied Chris and Kristina, and we travelled into London, to the John Labatt Centre, and watched the OHL Hockey Game between the London Knights, and the Sudbury Wolves.  I love Jr. Hockey, and was a Wolf fan for 10 years when we lived up in Sudbury.

It was a good game, London winning 8 to 2.

Even though our seats were in the last row at the top, we had a great view of the game.  Forgot to get pictures of the game…  Chris’ Parents watched Gwenny, and we made it home at midnight, hence no blog!


Today we spent the day collecting fire wood from Chris’s Mom and Dad’s place in Dorchester, and bringing it into Woodstock in our Motorcycle Trailer.  We brought in quite a bit of wood!  Had a good time.

Judy and Diane are loading the wood below…


David was finishing up his lawn work for the day… he has a BIG lawn, this is only a small part of it!


Chris was on the wheel barrow…


Cali was keeping an eye on the Jeep and trailer, to make sure we did not overload it!


Chris would drive the wheel barrow right up the ramp into the trailer…


After Diane provided a great lunch, we headed into Woodstock and David is now on the wheel barrow, while Diane and Chris stack wood in the wood storage area…


Finished product below, all set for the cold weather!


We all enjoyed a pizza dinner, and watched the first period of the Leaf Game tonight… then we headed for home, and time for the blog!

Till tomorrow…


  1. how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?..that is quite the pile of firewood!!!.what a work out!!

  2. No wonder you couldn't blog for a few days, you've been too busy! Lots of fun and lots of work.