Thursday, October 13, 2011

Office overload for Gwenny…

Not so great again today in the weather department… wet, but a least warm, so it was not too bad.

Enjoyed our coffee and computers this morning, and then headed into Woodstock to visit little Gwenny… I heard she had something on the go!

When we got there, Gwenny was starting off the day with a bit of tummy time…  Granny had a few things lined up to stimulate her.

100_1574My job today was installing Gwenny’s new toy, which is the famous “Jolly Jumper”…  We had one of these when our kids were small.

I had to install a couple pieces of 1 X 2 wood trim pieces above the door, you don’t want the darn thing to come tumbling down!   I screwed them in with big screws, so Gwenny can jump all she wants.  She actually enjoyed the jolly jumper, and it won’t be long before she will be bouncing away…


Kristina was out and about doing some shopping this afternoon for a while, and brought home a new activity centre for Gwenny…  this devise is a bit of a Cadillac, with all the bells and whistles… as you can see, a bit of office overload for Gwenny today! 


We are going to head into Woodstock tonight and go bowling, as back in the spring the kids got me a gift certificate!  Should be fun…

Hopefully I can beat Gwenny at bowling!

Till tomorrow…


  1. she is soooo cute...aren't they fun to be with....

  2. so cute that little Gwenny!!...a jolly jumper now there is a fun new toy!!

  3. Man, the have some great stuff for little kids these days, don't they?

  4. That is quite the contraption Gwenny has. One thing's for sure, she is never going to be bored!