Monday, October 24, 2011

Worked on getting our “Ox” ready to go!

Today started with a bunch of rain, it never seems to go away this time of the year… kind of cool today as well.  Hopefully, it won’t be long, and we will find some nice warm weather again!

This afternoon I worked on getting all the small things ready to go with the RV… tools are always one issue I have… do I have enough, and are they the right ones!   I always want to be prepared to handle any type of problem that can arise with the RV as we roll.  Got it all sorted as best I could, and all put away ready to travel.   My attention then turned to the “Ox”


Last year when we decided to travel with our Jeep, we purchased a new “Blue Ox” tow bar system.  It worked real good for us, and is very easy to us as well.  I touched up a bunch of the black paint on it this year, as certain areas that rub on the hitch, tend to rust a bit, so that was all cleaned up.  Also you will see in the picture, a big engineered ball in the middle of the hitch, just to the left of the words “Blue Ox” on the bar.  This ball swivels every which way you can imagine, and keeps the Jeep properly centred behind the RV.  It does not mater what height we are vs. the Jeep, or angle.  This system works good. 

Judy spent the afternoon in with Kristina and was playing with Gwenny when I dropped her off…


Gwenny was in fine for this afternoon, and was talking up a storm when I was there. 

This evening, we are all going to Dorchester to have dinner with Chris’ Mom and Dad.  They wanted a chance to get together before we head off to the wild blue yonder…

Till tomorrow…

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