Friday, October 28, 2011

On the road again…

Augh… yes, feels good to be on the road again.  Could not blog last night as we were in Seagrave, Ontario, and it is like going back in time there… no cell phone service, and no high speed internet of any kind there… go figure.   We did not take the time to put up the satellite internet, as we were way too busy talking, catching up, and eating with Howard and Terri.  After we got there in the afternoon, Howard was home, and wanted to take us for a spin in his 1915 Model T. 

Our motorcycle trailer got left behind yesterday as we vacated our spot for the winter…


Below we are all hooked up and ready to roll…



Before we could get the Model T out of the garage, Howard had to move his 1949 DeSoto out of the way… it is in good shape!


Howard and Terri enjoy touring with the Car Club they are members of… during the summer of course!


Our 36 foot long Endura fit very nice into the big drive way, with room for some Jeep’s to boot…


Here is the Model T inside the garage.  Looking to the left above the T is another DeSoto Convertible on the upper ramp inside the garage awaiting restoration.


And if I remember right, this is an old Valliant below needing some work…  yes, Howard likes his old cars!


Augh… here comes Howard with Judy riding shotgun out of the garage.  It was only about 1 deg. C. so it was real cool riding the T yesterday… note there are no doors or windows… I asked Howard to turn on the heat, but he only mumbled…


I had to watch to make sure Howard did not run the Model T into the side of the Endura!  The Model T has a 21 hp. motor, and is capable of hitting 45 mph.  He bought in in California recently, just north of L.A. in Bakersfield and had it trucked back to Ontario.  Had I known that, I would have drove it back last spring!


Yup, as you can tell below, I got the back seat!


After our ride around Seagrave, Howard and Terri whipped up a great Turkey “Thanksmas Dinner” for us.


Check out the bird below… yum!


I tried to get the Chef to take a bow in the picture below, however he was a little reluctant!  Kept mumbling something about “People with blogs…”


A great fall view out the back door…


All in all, just a great visit in Seagrave… we were up early with Howard making up a load of waffles for us this morning before we hit the road for Mallorytown.  Turned out to be about 6 1/2 hours when we did arrive this afternoon on the farm.  Cousin Marion had a great dinner waiting for us again tonight, with home made apple pie!  Putting on the weight now!

Off to Ottawa tomorrow… going down to –8 C. on the farm here tonight!  Brrrrrr………

Till tomorrow…


  1. Beautiful Model T. I too love old cars and trucks.

  2. Always figured a car hobby was just about as good as any as long as a fella had the patience and TLC it takes to look after them.

  3. Beautiful cars. If we had money, my hubby would probably have 20 cars. I told him it was either cars or full timing. Thank goodness he choose full timing. Now I want a turkey dinner. How come I can't find anybody to make me one.

  4. 'people with blogs' that is funny!..I have heard that same comment!!

  5. I'm trying to decide which looked better that old Model 'T' or the other T - the Turkey! I think I'll go with the Turkey and all the trimmings!

  6. Great looking Model T - how fun to ride around in a car like that. Wouldn't want to go too far in one though! Turkey bird sure looked good too.