Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time to hit the road…

The first picture shows you what type of day we had here in Ontario today…


It was cool, and got cooler as the day went on… not much fun.  We spent the morning preparing to leave tomorrow morning.  I did a bunch of work outside, while Judy worked inside on cleaning and laundry.  We have our plans now set for this weekend and are set to go.  First we will head out tomorrow and stop at Seagrave, Ontario, about a 2 1/2 hour drive for us, and visit with Judy’s Brother Howard, and his Wife Terri.  Will spend the night.  Friday will take us to Mallory Town, Ontario, to visit my cousin Marion, and her Husband Peter… they have been hanging on to a couple of our lawn chairs for us all summer!  Saturday, we will head a bit north, up to Ottawa, our Nation’s Capital to visit with Shawn, Jenn, Emmie and Paige for the weekend.  Will take in Halloween as well… should be fun. After that, we will be heading probably towards New Mexico!  We have a few fun things planned along the way.  The ultimate destination of course will be Desert Hot Springs, in California.

Yesterday we installed our moto tote so we can carry Judy’s motorcycle with us again this winter… they are a neat devise, and look like this…

moto tote

This is a sample picture of one, but you get the drift… it fits the back of our Jeep and easily carries the 450 lb. Burgman.

We will sure miss playing with Gwenny, Paige, and Emmie over the next few months… it has been fun watching little Gwenny grow over the past 3 months…




We visited with Chris and Kristina tonight for a goodbye dinner of lasagne that Judy cooked up!  It was excellent…

Here we are relaxing after dinner, while I am putting a blog together.


Cali was getting a nice rest watching us… did not get a chance to walk her today.  Walked her quite a bit over the summer, and will miss her in the desert!


Now it is time to hit the road… we look forward to our winter travels.  Will be fun to see our other Grand Daughters this weekend, along with their Mom and Dad! 

Not sure if I will be able to post a blog tomorrow night, but will try.  Depends on internet availability.

Till tomorrow…


  1. All the best and safe travels folks.

  2. Beautiful family pictures - love those babies. Glad to see you are making the rounds of the kids before the trip south - have very safe travels. See you soon

  3. After seeing your first picture, it's definitely time to head south. I guess you are going to have grandkid's withdrawal symptoms for a while!

    We're heading south on Sunday so we'll see you soon in the desert!

    Safe travels.

  4. Safe travels and big hugs to all your family members!!..enjoy the journey as you head south!!

  5. Have a wonderful visit with the fam and be safe on the journey south.