Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cold, wet…yuck!

That about sums up today, it was not nice out, and one of those days you had trouble staying warm, as it was so cold and wet… not impressed.

I asked Chris to come out to the RV this afternoon, to help me put the motorcycle trailer back into place.  It is tucked to the side of our RV, and I needed help to put it back in place, now that all the wood is gathered.

We got that job done, and then headed inside the RV as it was raining out, and noticed Judy taking pictures, so I snuck a look at her SD card and look at what I found…

They brought Gwenny to help on the trailer if needed, and she was inside putting on a show for us all this afternoon… Kristina had her all dressed up for Sunday!


She also was pretty happy sitting on Dad’s lap this afternoon, as we were watching Buffalo beat the Bengals…


That was about it for today, just took life easy this afternoon… hopefully the weather picks up for tomorrow.

Till tomorrow…


  1. It's always fun to look at the cute grand babies...and Little Gwenny is certainly that!

  2. I opened this post up and planned to say that it was hot here yesterday and I'm hoping for some cold, wet yuck today... and then it started pouring rain so I guess now I've gotten what I wished for!

  3. Nothing like a baby's smile to brighten up a dull, gloomy day!