Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What else to do… go golfing!

This is what today was like here!


Nothing but sun, what a day.  Temps were a way above normal, that is for sure… just a bonus to finish off our real nice summer here in Ontario.

This morning was a bunch of RV maintenance and cleaning, but then this afternoon, I was off for Woodstock Meadows golf Course, where I met our good friend Gerard Kraemer for a round of golf.  It was about as perfect golfing conditions that you can get, and they even had a discount price as it is now “Fall Golf”…

Sometimes I wish I could play like on the computer games… golf is not an easy game to play when you don’t play it a lot!  No mouse or cursor on the course this afternoon though…


All there is out there, is you, your club and the ball!


It was a great way to put the afternoon in, and we enjoyed a refreshment after the game… Gerard and Deb leave tomorrow for a week down in Atlantic City… watch out for those casino’s!

Till tomorrow…


  1. My dad's a big golfer. I've tried it a few times but I'm too antsy for that particular sport.

  2. As Mark Twain said "golf is a good walk ruined".