Saturday, October 29, 2011

We have landed in Ottawa…

We were up bright and early this morning on the farm in Mallorytown and it was –2 degrees C.  Brrrrr…

Check the frost on the grass this morning, note Peter’s garden all cleaned up for next year.


Everything was coated in frost this morning…


Turned out to be a great day, just a little cool… love the old barn shots…


Peter had a bunch of pumpkins growing in his patch… gave us a bunch for Emmie and Paige in Ottawa!  Thanks Peter!


Peter is in the centre, and my Mother’s brother, my Uncle Art on the right… 91 years young and doing just great!



Thanks again to Peter and Marion, and my cousin Sue for hosting us overnight… and a great supper, and a great breakfast to get us on the road!  We enjoyed, and we will be back!

Below is where we landed in Ottawa.  This park is only 10 minutes from Shawn and Jenn’s place, and is right in the middle of Ottawa… a great location.


We no sooner landed and had to head off to watch Emmie go to her skating lessons at a local Ottawa rink.  She was dressed as a pink poodle as it was Halloween!


Jenn was out on the ice with Emmie helping out… it is a great place for Emmie to learn how to skate, and Judy and I really enjoyed watching her go!



Our Son, Shawn, had to work at the Hospital in Ottawa today, on a 24 hour shift…yikes!   It is good to know he is helping out very small babies that need his help and his skill. 


Emmie really enjoys skating, and was very hungry afterwards, so we all went to St. Hubert Chicken for a great Chicken Dinner. 


Big plans for tomorrow, so stay tuned.

A big welcome goes out tonight to our newest blog followers, Alan and Lolita!  Welcome to the ride, we are just leaving Town now…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Emmie's the cutest pink poodle on ice skates I've ever seen! She'll be skating circles around Shawn in no time :)

  2. what a cute pink poodle!..and a fine skater too!! travels to you both!!

  3. I've been looking forward to you leaving town. (that doesn't sound right).

    I was playing baseball the other day next to a model air plane field. Two planes collided mid air, it was something to see.