Saturday, October 8, 2011

A great day for another ride…

The weather continues to be just fantastic!  It was in the mid 20’s again today, with nothing but sun… WOW, is this really Thanksgiving????

We took life very easy this morning with Judy suffering and living with a bookworm… I had been reading the book, “The Client” by John Grisham, and for some reason could not put it down… it is a good storey, but a little old now… this afternoon, we stopped by the Woodstock library and picked up the movie… why not!

This afternoon, we thought it was so nice out, why not take the bikes out for a ride, motor bikes that is!  We have taken quite a few trips this summer on the bikes, and today we decided to head over and check out the Town of Goderich.  If you all recall, this Town was “taken out” by a tornado back in the spring of this year…

This is the first time we have been over to see what had actually happened.  Al, from the Bayfield Bunch, had reported quite a bit on the tornado, as he lives very close, just south of Goderich, in Bayfield.  Pictured below is where the tornado took to the ground off Lake Huron, at the Salt Mine.


It is a beautiful part of the Province, right on the shore of Lake Huron…


Even now, you can still see the results of the storm… the roofs are not fixed, and the brick building on the right side of the picture is still not fixed.


This years storm as far as I know, only had one person killed… and that was out at the salt mine… a far cry from the 244 killed during the Great Storm of 1913…


No sign of a storm today, it was a great day for being out on the bikes…


The buildings below may look OK from the front, but they are completely destroyed, and will have to come down I believe…


The whole Downtown area, is shut down, and pretty much a ghost town… they did have a big outdoor concert going today, to raise money for re-building…

The buildings below took extensive damage…


A lot of buildings were boarded up… and a lot of homes still boarded up… a lot of people were displaced…


A lot of people were still touring around checking out all the damage… it will take years to rebuild, and I did not want to put a lot of pictures up of destroyed homes… it is too much… I don’t know how the people handle it!  Our hearts are with you!

We stopped on the way home in the small Village of Clinton, and they had a real neat sign at the Chamber of Commerce…


Tomorrow we head up to Orillia to celebrate Thanksgiving with all the Family… pictures to come!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Glad you had a great day out on the bikes ~ so sad the devastation...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Beautiful day. It's hard to believe the devastation that can happen so quickly.

  3. a beautiful day for a ride!..too bad you didn't run into the 'bayfield bunch' at the McDonalds drive thru?..or the Subway?

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm sure you'll be having a great dinner with your family today - enjoy the Turkey!

    You sure are having beautiful weather - perfect for a bike ride!

    Break up the Leafs!!!