Sunday, October 23, 2011

Heidleburg anyone???

The name above kind of sounds like a beer does it not???   Yesterday we drove up to Waterloo and met up with Debbie and Gerard.  We then carried on to Heidleburg, Ontario, which is a quaint little village, just north of Waterloo.  Keith and Darlene had invited us up for dinner on Saturday Night! 


We met up at their place, along with Al and Dale, some more friends… we are the bunch that meet up at Sauble Beach each August long weekend.  that is Keith in the kitchen with the Red Team Canada jersey on, cooking up a storm.  The Dinner was simply wonderful, as was the fellowship of the group.  After dinner, the guys got to retreat to Keith’s “Man Cave” and we watched the Toronto/Montreal Hockey Game… does it get any better than that!  Come on, the Leafs even won in OT!  My night was complete!

At the end of the evening, we retreated to Deb and Gerard’s home back in Waterloo and stayed the night… Pictured with Gerard is  “Tibby” the watch Dog.  We had a great time, getting up this morning and enjoying time in the hot tub with our coffee, and then Gerard cooked up a big breakfast for us! 


On Friday, I thought I would be a smart guy, and upgrade my Internet Explorer Browser to the latest edition, and now it has messed up all the default colours in Windows Live Writer when I start it up… go figure.  I have gone straight to the expert, Rick in B.C. who is on the case! 

The countdown is starting to get real close now, as we will be departing Woodstock this Thursday coming!

Till tomorrow…


  1. It's always nice when someone else does the cooking. Sounds like you all had a great time, especially with your team getting the win.

  2. glad your team won!..ours did too!!..whooohoo!..
    nice to hear that the 'go to guy' can help from afar!!

  3. What a great time was had by good friends. Tibby is gorgeous. But I'm prejudiced.