Sunday, June 2, 2013

Simply, just a FANTASTIC Day...

Off to Ottawa we go... hit the road at 9:00 this morning, and picked up Gwenny, Charlie, and Kristina who are our co-pilots heading for Ottawa this week! We all piled into the Honda Odyssey Mini Van that Chris and Kristina recently picked up, to be their people mover! You need one of these, when you have a couple small kids!

I was the Driver, with Kristina as my Co-Pilot. Charlie and Gwenny took up the Captain Chairs in the middle of the Van, and Judy was riding tail gunner in the back row seating. The kids were fantastic during this drive, which is 550 klms. long. No complaints anywhere! No crying, no fussing! What a bunch!


Gwenny really likes the leather couches at the En Route Restaurants along the 401... they are very upscale now, as you can tell by the Starbucks in the background.

Now, I don't like posting pictures of myself eating, however this picture of Gwenny and I chowing down on a Panini Grilled Ham and Cheese is worth it!

We made it to Ottawa right at 4:00 p.m., just in time to make it to Emmie's soccer practice! We were hoping to! When we got there, Shawn was on the field with Emmie doing the practice! It rained just a bit, but then turned into a beautiful evening.

How crazy happy do I look above sitting watching Emmie with Paige and Gwenny on my lap! It was fantastic to see the kids again! Jenn has her soccer Mom's blanket on, but it was not that cold when the sun came out later!


Paige and Emmie were soon carrying on crazy when they got together on the sidelines. We found a soccer ball and had a game of our own!

After Charlie was fed, and able to come to the soccer field, Judy took my favourite picture of the day!!!! This is the moment that Paige got to first meet Charlie! It is a keeper!

Everyone had fun watching Emmie play soccer.

I took a couple short videos of Emmie playing for you to check out! She is getting pretty good...

We had a blast! Great to see all four of our Grands together at once, for the first time! Looking forward to more!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What a beautiful family - you are so blessed! :-)

  2. Great blog, John. What a lot of tremendous pics of the girls (and, Charlie too, of course)!

    Love Emmie's soccer team - Tim Horton's - yeah!

    Gwenny will have a ball playing with her cousins now that she can walk. Great fun.

  3. I always enjoy your posts because they are filled with grandkids and love. Great pictures - especially the one with John holding his grandgirls under the umbrella. The videos were very cute. How fun to have all the grands together in one place.

  4. Such a great day with the family and wonderful pictures.
    I wish I could post pictures of our grands but do have to respect the wishes of their parents about privacy and security.
    Enjoy your time in Ottawa.