Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A bit of an unexpected surprise...

Life in an RV... sometimes you just get surprised! The last couple of days when Judy was sitting in her recliner, she was complaining about smelling something kind of damp... what????

Our recliners are located on our big slideout in the living area. Well, turns out the roof of our slideout had a leak that we did not know about... and has caused a bit of damage. I got looking at the wall behind Judy's chair, and I could feel dampness behind the wall paper. Not good!

This picture above is the corner in question... you can see where I poked my finger through the wall in the corner, and ripped a bit of the wall paper away... oh oh.....

So, this morning, I started into tearing out the soft wood... fortunately, the leak was confined to the front corner of the slide out, and we have caught it before it got way out of hand. The RV is insulated with styrofoam inbetween the wall board, and plywood on the exterior. The fiberglass is applied to the outside of the plywood on the exterior. I looked on youtube, and you can easily find many, many videos on how to repair water damaged walls in RV's and trailers. I looked and a couple and decided just to dive into the job this morning. I am confident at this point, that I will be able to repair this water damaged area, and have it looking close to new again.

First I had to get up on the roof, and repair the leaking seam in our slideout. We even have slideout toppers, but they did not save some water getting in on the slideout. I bought some real good roof sealer down in Florida last winter, when I had a problem with one of our roof vents. It worked real good, and I had a bunch of it left, so used it today, and it seems to have worked real good again. My roof vent never did leak again....touch wood!

The picture above shows the area I had to remove. I still have some more cleanout work to do, but is is as far as I got today. It is a tedious job... slow moving, and a bit messy as you take the old material out in bits and pieces... I cleaned up as I went along, so not to make a great big mess.

Next I have to go to Home Depot and do a bit of shopping for replacement materials. This job is going to take a few days before completion.

While I was busy working away on the RV, Judy went into Town to visit Kristina and the kids, and joined them at the Early Years Program. She had to go to her program right after, but they had time to go to a local cafe for some lunch...looks like a great time!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Water! It can do so much damage. Good thing Judy noticed the stench and brought it to your attention.

    Looking forward to see the finished result from your renovation. Good luck with that!

  2. Glad you caught it early enough that you can fix the damage. Quite a project you have going there. I think Judy had more fun than you did.

  3. I am glad that you caught it early... Did u have to also take off the slide topper?

  4. Water damage can ruin an rv real quick, good that you found it in the early stages.

  5. Nasty, but at least it's in a spot you can get to and work on. I'm sure you'll fix it up as good as new and sealed even better.

    Probably a good thing that Judy cleared out and went for lunch!!

  6. Glad you are well on your way to a repair. I am anxious to see the results. I am not much of a handyman and probably would not attempt this one. I hope I never have to deal with an issue like this one.

    Have you ever had you roof or slides recoated?