Monday, July 28, 2014

All good things come to an end...

After just a fantastic weekend visiting Dave and Angela, it was time to head back down to southern Ontario today... but we had quite a few things to do as we travelled.

First stop in Orillia, after we left Bracebridge, was Judy's Brother's place. Garry and Shelly are heading back down to Disney World this coming December, and once again they want us to join them. This is the third year in a row now that we will meet up with them in Florida. Judy brought in her Laptop Computer, and soon had our reservations and tickets all lined up for this year. This year the Magic Kingdom is on the agenda for a visit! Lookout Mickey!

After we left Garry and Shelly's place, we headed over and visited with my Mom. She was still all excited about last weekend's trip to Mallory Town to take in the Family Reunion. We stopped by to leave Mom a Birthday Gift, as next weekend is her 91st if you can believe it! She is still doing just great!

She wanted to go out for lunch today so treated Judy and I to a great lunch at a newer local Restaurant in Orillia, Lake Country Grill. I had the Haddock and Chips, and they were real good! Thanks Mom!

Right after lunch we had to head down to Barrie, to attend a 2:00 p.m. visit with our Lawyer. A few weeks ago we were arranging to have new Wills and Power of Attorney's made up, and today we had to sign them all.

We spent an hour reviewing all the documents, and talking with the Lawyer before she was totally satisfied, and declared it was time to sign! The wheels of justice were just a turning, as we executed all the documents and collected a ream of copies for our records. The originals of course are all heading for the top secret Will Vault over at Scotia Trust. We paid the bill, and made our escape!

Managed to squeek through Toronto without any major traffic delays, which is a miracle in itself it seems these day...

Certainly have to say "Thanks Again..." to David and Angela for hosting us for the weekend... we had a blast and certainly did not leave hungry!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Nice to get the visiting done, and things all wrapped up too.
    Bonus getting through Toronto with no slowdowns too.

  2. Busy, busy! But you are getting stuff-important stuff-accomplished. Visiting with mom is great too!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom - she sure looks great.

    Glad to see you locked all of your documents in your super-secret Will Vault. Hope that vault doesn't need to be opened for many, many, many years.