Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Sweet Gwenny!!!

Hard to believe... 3 years ago today Judy and I were off to the Woodstock Hospital, (which is no longer actually standing...) to visit with little Gwenny who was born around 1:30 in the afternoon...

Gwenny was surrounded by Family and Friends today, and was simply in fine form for her Birthday. She has been asking Kristina if today was her Birthday for about a month now... Kristina is probably happy it finally came! She was all about having her Dad put her cake in front of her as we all stood around singing happy birthday... then she blew that candle out like she knew what she was doing!

Gwenny was also all about opening her gifts... she would just rip into the paper and bags, they way a young kid should do it, yelling and screaming with delight all the way! Was she ever pumped up!

What a terrific day for her party! Sunny and over 30 deg. C here in south west Ontario. She had about 5 friends come, and they all ran through the sprinkler you see above for over an hour! What a blast they had.

Gwenny had more energy than anyone... here she is above, after everyone has long gone home, colouring on her Birthday Treat Bag that Kristina had made up for all the kids... she never stopped all day...what a thrill to watch!

Kristina posted this picture of Gwenny this week, while she was attending Vacation Bible School... look down the row about 1/2 way, and you will see Gwenny peeking out to see if her Mom is watching as they all sing a song for all the parents... Kristina says she just loves being up on the stage dancing and singing! be 3 again!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Such a fun time, Happy Birthday Gwenny.

  2. Happy Birthday Gwenny!!

    It is hard to believe Gwenny is 3 already. Nice to see all that excitement.

  3. Happy Birthday, Gwenny.

    I understand why you wanted to return from your motorcycle ride to be at that special birthday. Great fun!