Wednesday, July 9, 2014

OK...let's stay here!

Another sweet day for riding the motorcycles...we left Ashville at 8:00 this morning, after a Denny's Breakfast!

We took Hwy. 40 west over to Knoxville and the headed north on the 75!

We made it to Dayton, Ohio this evening, and checked into the Drury Hotel.

OK, now you have to check this place out... I could hardly believe it!

We stopped at a rest stop and I picked up one of those coupon books. When we arrived at the Hotel, the Manager offered us a Delux Room for $119.00. Judy showed him the coupon book, and he was pleased to give us the room for $79.00. Perfect! Then he says all the free Wifi we can use is included! Great! Oh, he says...we also offer you free hot Breakfast before you leave in the morning! Alright! Also, he says, as we arrived at 5:30, we were in time for "5:30 Kickback". Just make our way down to the restaurant, and we each would be given 3 free drinks at the Bar! Bonus! These included wine, beer, or any cocktail. Are the crazy? Oh, and while your there enjoying your free refreshments, why not enjoy a free dinner and snacks compliments of the Hotel! WHAT??? We enjoyed a nice garden salad, penne pasta marinara with meatballs, chips, pretzels, popcorn, soup, you name it!

OK...we will stay here! Lots of competition around here it seems.

We will be back home looks great!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Really gotta love those kind of deals, why leave?

  2. The stars were aligned for you, what a nice surprise.

  3. How can you afford to leave that place? Even the Las Vegas casinos don't give you 3 free drinks anymore unless you're losing big time!

  4. Holy shamoly! That is one smoking good deal! Why leave?????