Saturday, July 26, 2014

Guess I forgot to tell you... We are up in Bracebridge!

Judy and I hit the road first thing this morning, and made the three and a half hour drive up to Bracebridge, to visit David and Angela...

David and I decided to head over to Gravenhurst and take in Ribfest and the big Boat Show...had a great time!

Gravenhurst has a great Boston Pizza right on Lake Muskoka, at the main Wharf. You can sit out right on the water and eat.

There were lots of boats on display...the black one you see in the pic was only $350,000.00! What a steal!

There were lots...

No problem hearing your tunes on the speakers above...

You can't be in Muskoka without a Steamship going by...although the Wenonah pictured above has a gas engine...

There were lots of people kicking tires and eating ribs...

Above are all the rib vendors...they were lined up big time.

They charge $23.00 for a full rack of ribs...we didn't eat...waited till we got back to the house.

Check out this kid climbing the wall...not me thanks.

When we first arrived in Bracebridge, Judy arranged to have lunch with a good friend and former co-worker Mary. We laughed for an hour and a half! Good to see her again, and even better to hear the good news health wise, about her Husband David. ( who is an avid reader of this Blog I might add...) He has fought a real hard battle the last 18 months or so, and is doing well!

Judy and Mary worked for one of Canada's Medium, and Minimun, they were not just out on weekend passes Rick... (Actually, Mary is still working...).

Anyways, great to see Mary again, and continued good health to Dave, and keep on reading!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Yours was a fund day near the water checking out the boats. Nice.

    Connecting with a former co-worker was a nice thing for Judy. It is always nice to read about someone who has successfully battled a major disease.

  2. We were in Woodstock today and going to look you up, but have fresh meat we had to get home.
    You would not have been home anyway.
    Love being in the Muskokas to with this great summer weather.