Friday, July 25, 2014

Moving along with my wall repair today...

After my regular walk this morning, I started in on the wall repair job... we are getting there. I was able to put the replacement wall board on today, and actually got a start on the new wallpaper job.

I managed to get the window covering back up again, and the new wall is looking pretty good. It was difficult and I had to mess around a bit to get it fitted properly. Now I just have to finish off the wall papering, with is a little fininiky to do... lots of patience required.

Rick was commenting last night, on how I was going to match up the colour of the new wall board. We decided to put new wall paper over the entire wall, and chose a very high grade paper, that simply covers all previous sins on your wall.

Things are going on in Tennessee with Shawn and Jenn, and the girls... they recently visited a Zoo in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I got a laugh out of the shirt Paige chose to wear to the Zoo... "True Canadian Beauty"



Looks like they had a blast at the Zoo... thanks Jenn, for the pictures. That is Jenn's Mom with Paige above, feeding the Giraffe. She is down visiting the gang in Tennessee for a while.

This week Emmie got to attend Cheer Camp. Jenn posted a great video of the kids doing a Cheer Routine, but for the life of me I could not get the video off of Facebook. Good to see them getting involved in lots of activities in Tennessee.

This morning, Kristina and Judy headed over to Dorchester, and took in a nice splash pad.

Charlie found a nice slide by the looks of it...

Check out the fire hydrant... Charlie just walks up to it... wonder if it is cold???

Gwenny is firing the water canon!

There was also a big wading pool that was a big hit...

Nothing like enjoying the good life... just a bunch of happy Grand Kids!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Gosh you did a great job on that repair. You can't even tell.

  2. Your repair is coming along quite nicely.
    Great pics of the grands having too much fun.

  3. Aha! I knew you had a plan for that wall - it sure looks good.

    As for the Zoo, I saw 2 cute grandkids, a Giraffe, Zebra, Camel and a Fox! Oh wait - that was Jenn's Mom!!

    Gwenny and Charlie are sure looking like they enjoy that waterpark!

  4. Great work on the revation.

    Kids in Ontario and Tennessee were busy with fun activities.