Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Big Wheels rolling today...

We have been on site here since April 27th or so, and after checking our propane guage on the RV, it was time to get the big wheels rolling... We did not use much propane with our on board furnace this spring, even though it was real cool, as we bought a new blue flame propane heater that ran off the BBQ Tank. It took us 1/2 a day to do this job today, as we decided it was a great time to clean up our lot, cut the grass, do the trimming... you get the idea.

I got a call today from the Owner of the local Canadian Tire Gas Bar! He was wondering where I have been... he told me his kids still have to go to

Yes it has been a week that we have had our new Chevy Cruze, and we have yet to use 1/2 a tank of gas in it, although we have put 350 klms on the car now... I like it! We could never go a week without a trip to Canadian Tire for $100.00 worth of gas in the Jeepster!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Wow, that is impressive the way your Cruze is a gas mizer!!

    BTW ... did you get the "eco" version??

    Thanks, Trent

  2. Gotta love the great fuel economy of a new smaller car. Like our old Saturn where we enjoy about 6.5 liters/ 100 kms. For the last 12 years.
    Just think of the savings!

  3. Sound like our little Honda Civic as far as gas mileage is concerned. It's nice to be able to pass gas stations all the time!

  4. Great gas mileage? What a treat that is! Imagine if GM could figure out a way to increase the mileage on that Duramax diesel?