Monday, July 7, 2014

I am back...

I figured I better show up on the Blog soon, or be in real trouble!

We have had a fantastic trip so has been second to none, which is real good when travelling by motorcycle!

We left Woodstock last Friday, and arrived at Shawn and Jenn's place in Tennessee on Saturday Evening. We received a great tour of the new home, which took a while, as it is over 5,500 sq. ft. In can get lost!

Now, I hardly have any pics for you as my iPhone is turned off, and I forgot my transfer device to get pictures off of Judy's SD Card, onto my iPad... But I have a few...

Paige and Emmie out on the deck at the new home...lots of trees and green here!

Above is a "low country boil"... When we arrived in Tennessee Shawn and Jenn brought us out to a July 4th Party, even though it was July 5th. The boil is made of potatoes...corn on the cob, and country sausage, all boiled in a big pot, then dumped onto a table to be consumed...Tennessee style! It was excellent! Cooked out on the driveway over a big propane burner.

The party we attended was hosted by a Dr. that knows Shawn from work...and about 50 people turned up! Yup, seems like all the people attending were Dr.'s or Nurses or Surgeons or...well you get the drift...

That is Shawn waving above at us...probably talking about brain surgery or something...

Jenn is in the middle of a bunch of Dr.'s above...

I felt very safe at this party, knowing if I took the big one or something...I was well covered! They are all great people and Shawn and Jenn were happy to be back with their old friends after living in Ottawa for the past 3 years.

Of course there was a huge Community Firework show at 10:00 p.m. with hundreds of people showing up to take in the big show!


Switching gears, tonight we are in Ashville, N.C. for a motorcycle rally with a bunch of our friends from Ontario. We just got here this afternoon and have been enjoying the Crown Plaza where we are staying!

Great Resort that has everything! We are here till Wednesday, then hit the road for home...

I liked this pic of Emmie helping her Dad blow off the driveway, which is well over a quarter of a mile long...with 2 switch backs on it as it goes up a mountain to the house at the top! More pics later...

Till tomorrow...(well...kinda of maybe...)



  1. Hard to beat a good motorcycle road trip. Shawn and family appear to be well settled in. Nice pix.

  2. Looks like a great trip and visiting with Sean a bonus too.
    Travel safe and have fun.

  3. Nice to see Dr. Shawn and Jenn back with their friends in Tennessee.

    Great to see pics of Emmie and Paige again.