Thursday, July 24, 2014

Working 9 to 5...

Just another terrific day here in Ontario again with great seasonal weather... I was out the door at just past 8:00 this morning, with work on my mind! It was time to wash down the RV...

I had noticed that our roof on the RV was quite dirty, so it was time to clean up... did not take any pictures of the work today... simply too busy to stop! We are parked under a couple big trees here, so dirt from the tree lands right on the roof!

After the roof, I just carried on and washed the whole RV. Broke out my fancy new squeege that I bought and dried it all off as well... looks like it just came out of the box.

After lunch, I decided to carry on a bit with the wall repair job inside the RV.

The first thing I had to do today was fit in a piece of wall board against the outside wall of the RV. I had to remove this layer as it got a bit damp. In order to keep the proper spacing in the reconstruction, this board had to go in.

Next was to install the 1 inch thick layer of strafoam insulation. That is the pink stuff you see in the picture above...This helps keep you warm during the cooler days of the fall. I finished up installing all the insulation today, and now all that is left is to install the final layer of wall board. Probably tomorrow...Can't use nails during this process, it all has to be glued together.

Before you know it... the day was done!

Till tomorrow....



  1. You did have the zip of the energizer bunny and got a lot accomplished.

  2. Another productive day, with all that done, now what will you do tomorrow?

  3. Nice job on the repair. I'm interested to see how you match the old wallboard colors to the new piece you'll put in.