Thursday, July 17, 2014

No work today... day off!

Decided to take today off the RV Project. Received a telephone call from friend David, who says..." Hey John... I don't have to work on Thursday, why don't we hit the links?'

How could I refuse that request... it was simply a fantastic day weather wise... sunny, warm... just perfect!

David went to an online Golf Website, and picked up three Green Fee Tickets for Sally Creek Golf and Bistro.

YThis is a real nice 9 hole course, located right inside the City of Woodstock. The hole above is #1, and is a bit of a challenge, as the entire course is!

I am not sure what was located in the current Bistro and Club House, but it sure had one big chimney!

David got a great deal online, only $10.00 for 18 holes on the course this morning... normally green fees would be around $35.00 for this course. He invited another friend of his, Andy, to join us, and the 3 of us had a fantastic time! We enjoyed a great Bistro Lunch after our game, and sat around for a while, and solved a few of the World's problems... seems to be quite a few lately!

David actually owns a home, that backs onto one of the holes on this course... oh ya... there is also a whole bunch of water on this course!

This afternoon Judy and I did get out to Home Depot and picked up all the materials I am going to need to complete the RV Project. A couple strategic cuts allowed us to carry the materials home in our Cruze, with no alterations to the job! Perfect... "who needs that Jeep anyways?" As in most of today's cars, our back seats fold forward, and you have access into the trunk of the car...perfect for oversize items.

Tomorrow morning, I am leaving Town to head up to Orillia, pick up my Mom, and then head east to Mallory Town, Ontario, where we will take in our annual Family Reunion this weekend. My Mom is really looking forward to seeing her 94 year old Brother! The Blog might be a little light for the next few days... so be warned... you might have to get a Blog fix somewhere else, we will see.

Judy is staying in Town for the weekend, and is going to acompany Gwenny as they head over to St. Thomas, Ontario, where they will take a trip on "Thomas the Train"...

Now, if you watch any kids shows at all, you will know Thomas the Train! Gwenny just loves it, and is looking forward, as they will go for a 1/2 hour ride on the Train! Hope Judy takes lots of pictures for when I get back!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Gotta take a day off once in a while, if you can.
    The problem with being retired is we don't get days off anymore.

  2. Our two year old grandson, Easton, loves anything and everything when it comes to Thomas The Train. What fun.

    I'm sure you and mom will enjoy the family reunion. To see her brother is a gift.