Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Taking on "The Blue Ridge..."

This morning our group of six, decided it was time to ride! This Rally is in a great spot with lots of good riding in the area.

That is Murray and Linda above on their Kawaski Voyaguer...and those are the Blue Ridge Mountains behind them.

Frank was all set to go this morning...but I will have to photo shop Patsy into this one...

Frank was our Leader and we headed south on the Blue Ridge Parkway...what a great ride, this Parkway runs for about 470 miles along the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains getting up to just over 6,000 feet at the highest point.

You feel like you are riding in the clouds on this Parkway...

About every 2 miles there is always a nice pull off where you can enjoy the views.

We stopped for lunch at the very Bottom of the Parkway at at Town called Cherokee...big Tourist trap!

We were back at our Resort by 4:00, just in time for a swim and refreshments before dinner!

Augh.... Judy and I have to hit the road back home tomorrow!

Till tomorrow...


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  2. Love the Blue Ridge Parkway, travelled quite a bit of it years ago in our Class B .
    Travel safe on your journey home.

  3. Great place for a nice bike ride.

    Safe travels home!