Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Work continues...

This morning I carried on with a bit more work on the wall project... I had to finish off cleaning out all of the old material, plywood, Styrofoam, etc. from the affected area. It is starting to look a lot better with all the stuff cleaned out of it...

That is a 1 inch wide alluminium stud that runs sideways across the face of the slideout. You can see in the picture above that all the affected area is painted white... that is not just normal paint.


Here is a product recomendation for you. Zinsser, makes a product call Bin, Primer and Sealer. We have used this product in the past... it is excellent. It will cover any stain on wood if you want to get rid of the stain. It is an oil based product, and covers very well. You can easily repaint over top of this primer. The best part of this product however, is the fact that it will also seal and contain any smells that the wood may have. For example, in our previous home we bought, the Lady that owned it before us had a dog, and she kind of forgot to let the dog out to do it's business... so the rugs in one of the bedrooms took a real beating. After we removed them, we found the subfloor plywood was stained and had a very distinct odour to it. Bin to the rescue. After one coat of bin on the floor after the rugs were removed... no more stains... no more smell of dog urine. This products works great.

I decided to use it on this project, to ensure there was no musty type smell left over, after I removed all the affected material.

Later this afternoon we headed over to The Home Depot in Town... I wanted to do some window shopping to see if they have any of the materials that I am going to need when doing the construction part of this job. To my delight, they had it all of course! Everything I need is there in quanity, and will not be that expensive at all! Should be able to take Judy out to dinner afterwards still! It is nice when you can go to one place, and get everything you are going to need. Only problem is getting the stuff home... won't quite fit in the Cruze... guess I liked that Jeep for a bunch of reasons! Oh well, will get it figured out! Some of it can be cut to size at the store.

Till tomorrow...



  1. You clearly have that fix up project under control, John. Looking forward to seeing the completed fix up.

  2. What about your motorcycle trailer? Or just take your coach there and pick it up.

  3. Looking good, John. Thanks for the tip on that paint.

  4. Like watching this project progress.