Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grill it...they will come!

David and Angella hosted a great BBQ up in Bracebridge today...

"Grill it and they will come" says his shirt...and they did!

Friends came over from the Midland area and we had a great time...

Had some great pics today, but problems transferring them to the iPad are keeping them out of the Blog tonight.

The weather here turned out much better than advertised which was great! Heading back down south tomorrow.

Till tomorrow...



  1. If anybody near me invites me for a bbq I would definitely be there.

  2. The weather up pretty good for the best part of the day, everyone loves a BBQ too.

  3. We agree with your blog title! To enjoy the grub with like minded friends is hard to beat, isn't It?

  4. You guys are real party animals!! Sure looked like fun.