Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Gwenny's excellent adventure...

Yesterday, Judy texted Kristina, asking if it was OK for Gwenny to come on an adventure! The answer came back yes!

It was time to go camping! Judy wanted to sleep overnight with Gwenny in our pup tent! What a perfect night to do it! It was warm, and no chance of rain!

We started off the evening with a great BBQ Dinner...

After Dinner, we headed down to the pool for a swim, just a perfect night for that!

You can't go on a tent sleep out, without have a great campfire! The kids loved it! Big one too...

After Mom and Dad took off home, Gwenny and Judy headed out to the tent for the night. They had a great time, and they actually did sleep outside for the entire night, coming into the RV at 7:00 this morning!

Gwenny did some book activities after we had pancakes for breakfast... just to finish off an excellent adventure.

Mom and Charlie came out this morning, and we went for a walk around the park and headed down to the pond to see the ducklings...

We have a mother duck and her 5 babies... living in our pond... they were busy eating breakfast.

Kristina got our picture down by the pool...

When I was in Ottawa area on the weekend... Judy accompanied Gwenny and Charlie with Parents, as they headed to St. Thomas, Ontario, to take in Thomas the Train! This is a real Steam Engine Train, and yes, he actually talks! Gwenny loves the TV Series and has watched all the shows, I am sure!

It rained a bit, but they all had a great time riding Thomas anyways.

Gwenny and Charlie also got to enjoy a big display of different trains and toys inside... thanks to Kristina and Judy for a lot of today's photo's!

As you can see, it is nothing but one big adventure!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Wow you have been busy having way too much fun, and real camping too.
    Good for Judy!

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  3. Hi Judy! We are so very sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodbye after Amy's wedding! And hello John! Thanks so much for your blog. I feel like I know both you and Judy; since Amy pointed me to your blog a few years ago, I've been enjoying your trips and of course, the joys of being grandparents to such wonderful lil ones!!
    What a super adventure to share with Gwenny...it is very obvious that she's got a special bond with her Granny and Pop Pop.

  4. That sure was a wonderful adventure - I'll be looking forward to seeing you and Charlie in that pup tent next, John!!

    That Thomas the Train must be a big hit with the grandkids!