Thursday, July 3, 2014

"We're in the money..."

A week or so ago, I was giving the raz to Rick out in B.C., blaming him for the fact I had to buy a new external hard drive to complete our backups. Of course he is right, that it is a very necessary thing to do....yada, yada.....

Well today, with my hat firmly in my mouth after taking a big bite, I have to tip what is left of my hat to Rick... check out the picture below...

Yes, that is a cheque we received from Checkout 51, for $22.00. Back a few weeks ago, in one of Rick's Blogs, he talked about using Checkout 51. I mentioned it to Judy, and she embraced the program right away, saying we buy all this stuff anyways, why not get some money back! It is an awesome easy to use App on the iPhone that you can use to make money! We did!

Also want to thank Rick for helping out Judy with a tech issue this week. Judy was having problems emailing pictures the right size, and Rick came to the rescue. I am sure he will probably post the problem on one of his Hints and Tricks Blogs coming soon to a computer near you. Thanks again Rick!

Not much on the go today, did get in to visit Kristina to get some mail, and found Charlie awake from his nap.

This is a selfie we took this afternoon, I know, very serious! Charlie loves to play with the iPhone, and seems to be trying to figure out how it works all the time. His sister was having a nap, so we did not get to see her today.

Judy and I are off on a trip to Tennessee to visit the Hollinger Gang who recently moved there only a week ago! The weather looks great for our trip... Not sure how much blogging will get done, we will be limited on internet, as I am not starting up our Verizon for just a week. Will rely on hotspots when available.

Till tomorrow...



  1. That's a very serious look on Charlie's face. Mason is enthralled by iPhones as well.

    I'm expecting a similar sized windfall from Checkout 51 shortly. It does seem like a no-brainer!

    Glad I was able to help with Judy's email issue - it was a strange one indeed.

  2. Hello....have a safe trip.....I hear that you are taking in the AVA rally....have a good time

  3. Hello....have a safe trip.....I hear that you are taking in the AVA rally....have a good time

  4. Travel safe and have too much fun.
    Love Tennessee.

  5. You are in the money!!! What's not to like about that?

    Safe travels on your journey to Tennessee.