Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to Pahrump… (a pump a pump pump….)

Yesterday, we found out all about Death Valley… Judy will tell you, that it gets warm and noon, and then does not relent with the heat till about 6:30 in the evening… it made it up to over 105 Deg. F. or over 40 deg. for you Cel. lovers in Canada!   Wow!  

Last night I had trouble sleeping as you just lie in bed and sweat!  

This morning we got up early at 7:00 and started to get ready to leave this natural furnace.   We were on the road at 9:00, however with a few problems… our tail lights are giving us problems again… and I noticed a loud ticking noise coming from the front drivers side wheel… not good.   We decided to head to Pahrump which was only about 1 1/2 hours away and hold up till we get some of these issues resolved!

Judy took care of laundry and groceries, while I washed up the Jeep and Burgman, and headed over to the GMC Dealership and landed an appointment for tomorrow morning at 8:00 to have the wheel looked at… sound at this point in time like we have blown a wheel bearing… will find out tomorrow for sure.

After we toured Scotty’s Castle in Death Valley, we headed over to the Ubehebe Crater, about a 15 minute drive.  This crater was formed when water below the ground was super heated by hot lava underground, and then exploded!


The crater is over 1/2 mile wide, and over 500 feet deep… you just stand in awe…


It was getting late in the day, but that did not stop us from moving on past the crater, and took a 25 mile ride on a dirt road… to see what all the talk about the “Moving Rocks” was all about…


There is no reasonable explanation for these moving rocks… so don’t ask me…   They are on a dry lake bed called the “Racetrack”.  They have been moved a long way to create the trail behind them…  this dry lake bed right now, is harder than you know what!  It would soften up when wet, so your guess is as good a mine on how this occurred!


Quite a few people made the trip out…


Check out these two rocks… can you explain it?


This guy was taking his pics on his IPhone…


Go figure…


So we have an appointment tomorrow morning to have our RV looked at and hopefully we can get our issues involved.   If parts are needed, they will be delivered the same day from Las Vegas! 

Till tomorrow…


  1. go figure?!!..this one strange phenonemon!!!

  2. Fantastic pictures of that crater! We hit 100F here in Palm Springs today too, the A/C has been running full tilt.

    Hope that noise in your front wheel just turns out to be a rock stuck in there!! That happened to me last year!

  3. Puts a new meaning on the term, Rock n Roll doesn't it. Glad I'm not there in that heat. Hate hot weather like that just as much as cold weather. Two years ago coming back from Tucson to McNeil we had a very pronounced clicking in our left front Santa Fe tire too. I was convinced it was a wheel bearing but on closer inspection found a stone. Good luck....

  4. THe moving rocks was just on tv: William Shatner's 'Weird or What'. Yep, the mystery was solved, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone else! We hope the noise/vehicle issues get solved.